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VDL acquired Siemens in Hengelo in 2018. The activities and employees have been transferred to VDL Energy and VDL ETG. The main activities of VDL Energy are gas turbine and compressor manufacturing, assembly and supply to Siemens. VDL ETG T&D performs development work for ASML. This changes its role from manufacturer to supplier. In practice this means working with various external parties in the chain. This requires a different way of thinking within its organisation and engineering when it comes to designing, communicating and collaborating on projects.

The demand

The products that are developed on commission within VDL ETG are very tight with regard to their dimensional tolerances. In the past year the designation of geometric dimensional tolerances has changed dramatically. Everything that was once self-evident and explainable is now no longer so. This calls for the same uniform methodology and a standardised approach in the workflow: it starts with the context and function to first define these, from which the standard and potential deviations are established.

The approach

STODT spent two days getting down to work with VDL ETG employees. The first step was to create awareness and overview. How do you draw up an unambiguously interpretable drawing? How do you determine the main product functions and specify the standard and tolerances? In this way, the employees created a sharp helicopter view of their drawing and design process. They then used this approach to work out how they would apply it in their own process in order to be able to sharply substantiate the standard and parameters, both internally and externally.

What it has delivered

The engineering department has professionalised as a result of the STODT training and intensive support. The perspective has changed from a technical approach to a functional approach as a starting point. This approach ensures that the dimensional tolerances and deviation margins are sharply defined before the start of the design process and that less adjustment is required during the course of the project.

The basis for the design of the drawing is clear and delineated, so that the choices and specifications are well-founded in practice. Employees are now stronger in the coordination and discussions with partners and know how to substantiate considerations well.

"STODT makes dry and extensive material manageable and directly applicable to our needs and daily practice.

"STODT is accessible, involved and more than a training partner. Even after the training, we can come to them with practical questions.

Gaston Mathijssen, Lead Engineer at VDL ETG T&D Hengelo