Testimonial Punch Powertrain

Punch Powertrain is an independent full system supplier of fuel efficient powertrains With over 45 years of experience in the development and production of CVTs, Punch Powertrain has successfully expanded its product portfolio with DCTs and towards New Energy Vehicles, now offering propulsion systems for EVs and Hybrid Vehicles (48V & PHEV).

Full in house capabilities

Punch Powertrain´s R&D activities succeed, as no other, in economically translating state-of-the-art technology to fulfil the demands of our customers. Moreover, the entire process - from intensive research, prototyping and testing in real-life conditions to the production - takes place entirely in house.

To keep the knowledge and processes at Punch Powertrain at the desired and necessary high level, STODT was asked to guide the employees and to transfer task-oriented knowledge for the measuring room. STODT helps customers in industry to improve production and engineering processes, in order to achieve a lasting higher return. The courses are practice-oriented and adapted to the latest technological developments. STODT Future Technology also offers consultancy on the cutting edge of technology and organisation.

Translation into the measuring room

STODT's guidance and measurement training courses translate measurement strategies into practical measurement room management

Peter Treunen Quality Engineer

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