The “Interreg Machining 4.0” project permits us to develop our business with the support of Cetim. The quoting software “Techniquote” has been set up to simulate machining sequence, time and costs within the methods department.

The reliability of our machining sequences and our costings will allow us to be closer to the actual manufacturing cost practiced in our workshops, but also to reduce the time allocated by the methods to accomplish these tasks.

The possibility of communicating complete manufacturing sequences (Processes used, machining times, cutting conditions, tools, machine choices, etc.) to our technicians from the quoting stage is a plus.

The Techniquote team, within the CETIM, maintained a coherent dialogue with our requests and were able to guide us during our specific requests related to our means of production. We see the costing software offered by Cetim as a solution for the future to digitize and optimize the organization of our company.

Roman Da silva
Chef de projet automatisme / Automation project manager