De Craecker Matrijzen is a family owned machining company in Oordegem, België. The company has over 45 years of experience in mould making, repairs and optimizations.  Their rich experience in the moulding sector ensures that they can always offer solutions that are well thought-out in consultation with the customer. Besides their activities for their moulding clients, the company also offers a wide range of machining services to their client base as a subcontractor.

De Craecker Matrijzen has a flexible organization that allows them to intervene quickly in case a client faces production problems. Thanks to their extremely accurate machinery, effective CAD-CAM software and extremely precise measuring equipment, the company is able to deliver quality that ensures that once the mould is finished, it can run long production runs without any problems.

De Craecker Matrijzen contacted the Machining4.0 consortium partner, Sirris, to get help with improving the information flow throughout their organization. De Craecker Matrijzen is using a diverse set of IT-solutions: an ERP-system, an accounting system, and a visual work management system. However, these systems were not connected with each other resulting in delays and double entry work. Besides solving the problems with the current systems, the company also wanted to take a next leap in their digital transformation by adding new capabilities, such as: capturing data from the shop floor, displaying the latest version of drawings, transfer of know how through digital work instructions and checklists, a better reporting of the work performed, and a better stock keeping.

The Machining4.0 project helped the company to clarify the needs, make a demonstration scenario of critical functionalities and select a suitable operations platform provider. The company is currently in the final phase of the implementation of their new IT architecture that will enable them to make an important leap.

“We’ve been able to learn a lot thanks to the voucher support we received. It has enabled us to make the right decisions and ensure our future growth.”

Tom De Craecker, Director De Craecker Matrijzen