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Nedschroef in Helmond, manufacturer of fasteners, has set up a completely new department for the CNC finishing of parts. People have been recruited internally for this. Some of them already had a CNC background, others did not at all. There was therefore a need for specific training and guidance for the department and the participants. This need was met by STODT, which provided a customised route for CNC operator.

Custom Made

STODT has delivered customised work, adapted to the employees and the processes at Nedschroef. Beforehand the employees took a test to determine their skills and level. This enabled everyone to be offered training and guidance at the right level. "The content was determined in close consultation," says Van den Heuvel. "We were able to indicate exactly what we wanted to include in the training."

STODT's proposal included not only general components, but also a few specific ones. Van den Heuvel: "We have a fairly unique CNC lathe with a double 3-jaw system, which rotates 180 degrees so that the product is processed in one jaw while the other is loaded by a robot. Specific items for this are included in the training. In addition, our employees are also trained in technical drawing reading, shape and position tolerances, focusing on our own product drawings."

Guidance at own location

The training, both theoretical and practical, is provided in-house at Nedschroef. Van den Heuvel says it is advantageous that people are trained in their own familiar surroundings and on 'their' machine. "Because everything was internal and customised you could see that they were serious about it. The experts also played an important role in this. They can make or break a training course. If you have friendly and pleasant trainers who know what they are talking about, the operators also enjoy the training."

Excellent cooperation

Van den Heuvel is very satisfied with the cooperation with STODT. "I drew up a Skillmatix, which I discussed with the trainer after each training day. I also regularly discussed how everything was going with my regular contact person at STODT. The contact was great."

Nine people have now completed this course, as a result of which the department is now up to speed. Nedschroef is currently recruiting new operators. They will follow the same project.

"If you invest in new techniques, you also have to develop people", "In this case, the large differences between the employees formed an extra challenge. They were all employees with between 3 and 43 years of service."

STODT has delivered customised solutions, adapted to the employees and the processes at Nedschroef.

Norman van den Heuvel, Supervisor Secondary Processing