Multon’s testimonial

The Interreg Machining 4.0 project, thanks to the support of specialists and the Techniquote quoting software, has enabled us to structure our quoting activity to better meet the expectations of our customers.

The Techniquote software permits to create machining sequences with a precise definition of cycle times and to define the price of one or more mechanical parts (turning, milling, laser cutting).

The different modules make it possible to configure the characteristics of a business (customer, contact) and enables in the quoting phase via a 3D file (i.e. .step), to determine the manufacturing times of the different operations for the production of the part according to the machine-tools available in the workshop.

The software is comprehensive and adapts to the needs or the different requests. The different functionalities allow to refine, as well as possible, the key elements (unit or batch price) and manufacturing time considering, the type and complexity of the part or a set.

This data can then be compared with the real times after production.

Multon's Testimonial