Micro Boring Bar Monitoring

"Machining 4.0 voucher mechanism focused on toolpath development and senorisation for machining. We found the learnings to be extremely valuable and are currently trialing this within our own processes at Croom Precision Medical, which if successful it will lead to an overall component cost reduction”.

Shane Keaveney, R&D Manager at Croom Precision

Context & Aim

The concept of using sensors, outside of those integrated within the machine tool, to monitor tool condition is not novel and there are several methods which can be deployed, and some are outlined below. The challenge for this project, within the area of sensorisation, lies in the size of the tooling to be analysed, specifically micro boring bars which are typically removing very small amounts of material. We reviewed the challenge and discussed options with multiple technology providers.


Identify a suitable method of monitoring micro boring bars during the cutting process to optimise tool paths and increase tool life.


Having looked at the challenge with the company we explored different methods of potentially monitoring micro boring bars. Following research into different systems,  it was agreed that vibration analysis would be best placed to this application.


Following test cuts at our lab in Mullingar we clearly demonstrated a process to monitor micro boring bars using vibration analysis.


We were able to identify potential toolpath and process improvements opportunities for the partner company to implement to increase tool life and improve part quality.

Client Benefits

The client has a developed a deeper understanding of the capability of Industry 4.0 solutions.