KULAPRO testimonial

Kulapro logoKulapro is specialized in the design and production of technical interior doors for commercial spaces and public buildings. With over 40 years of experience, they are experts in the contract market and they realize total concepts of impeccable quality. Kulapro loves innovation, digitization and optimisation, both in their projects and in their production processes.

Kulapro contacted the Machining4.0 consortium partner, Sirris, to get help with their digital journey. Kulapro is using a diverse set of software solutions: an ERP-system, a product configurator, a job site management system and a digital work instruction system. However, these systems were not connected with each other resulting in delays and double entry work. With the growing number of software applications, connecting these applications with each other became a challenge for the company as the amount of potential links is growing even faster. For example, the information coming from the product configurator is not only needed for the ERP-system, but is also needed in the digital work instruction system.

Sirris helped the company to define an architecture that seamlessly connects all the building blockings in a secure way. This architecture is also futureproof and allows that future software additions can easily be integrated. During the project a proof of concept of the architecture was built and tested to show how all the different IT-solutions could cooperate together over a central backbone using the MQTT-protocol. As a result, the different software islands have been connected and the necessary information is now for everyone immediately available.

“Thanks to the support from Sirris, we now have a futureproof and cybersecure architecture that will enable us to grow in the coming years.”

Bertrand Schrevens, Managing Director Kulapro