Standards monitoring: an asset for the professional section of industrial mechanics

A product or product-related service standard commits the entire supplier profession to a path that can be decisive for its national or international industrial development.

Participating in the development of standards is fundamental to making them evolve in the desired direction.

The profession develops a standards strategy based on the expectations of companies, their market positions, the possible repercussions of European or national regulations, national, foreign and international standards in their fields of activity, and finally the resources available.

It defines the necessary involvement in standardization work at the different national and international levels to implement the decided strategy, and to this end, appoints its representatives in the standardization committees.

The stakeholders for the mechanical professions at French level are :

UNM (MSU) is the sectoral standardization office for the mechanical engineering, steel and rubber professions.

UNM ( prepares, for its field of competence, the French, European or international standards that give access to the various markets concerned.

The Fédération des Industries Mécaniques (, which brings together 21 professional unions, is the spokesperson for the mechanical engineering industries in dealings with national and European public authorities and international bodies. It supports these industries in the key areas of their competitiveness: technical, economic, fiscal, commercial, legal and financial issues.

Cetim ( supports the profession through its technical support in the framework of standardisation meetings at French, European or international level. Its theoretical or experimental pre-normative R&D actions when they are necessary for the elaboration of a draft standard as well as its financial support to standardisation.


The following is a list of these activities,

  • On the professional segment of the Industrial mechanics (threading, technical drawing),
  • The work progress on the standards whose publication is planned or took place from 01/01/2020 to 12/31/2020.

Table 1

The codification of the sector is as follows: F (French sector), CEN (European sector), ISO (international sector), ISO/CEN (parallel procedure to ISO and CEN - ISO leader), CEN/ISO (parallel procedure to ISO and CEN - CEN leader), name of the country in case of an ongoing project in one of the European countries.



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