UCD-LAMS - UCD Laboratory for Advanced Manufacturing Simulation

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The Laboratory for Advanced Manufacturing Simulation (LAMS) belongs to the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering of the University College Dublin. LAMS is actively involved in research and development projects related to a series of cutting edge engineering and scientific fields and is particularly interested in collaborating with the European industry as well as with leading engineering firms.

LAMS focuses on the following research themes:
Modelling and simulation of manufacturing processes with particular emphasis on assembly and robot-based tasks realising Industry 4.0 technologies.
Manufacturing operations management with the focus being on production planning & control, modelling and simulation of manufacturing systems, inventory management / lot sizing and manufacturing sustainability.
Supply chain management, emphasising on the configuration, modelling and simulation of manufacturing and supply networks, supply chain sustainability, supply chain coordination and buyer-supplier relationships.

About Us – UCD overview

The UCD School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering is the largest of its kind in Ireland and a world player in both research and education offering the widest range of both research-based and taught postgraduate programmes. We are involved in a number of research areas including materials and manufacturing research. For example our research in High Performance Cutting (HPC) seeks to minimize production times while maximizing product quality. The development of ultra- hard cutting tool materials such as CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) and ceramics exhibiting excellent wear resistance, chemical stability and hardness at high temperatures have enabled much higher cutting speeds and dry machining. We aim to determine the optimum strategy for high performance cutting with both reduced operating costs and improved working environments. See more on: http://www.ucd.ie/mecheng/research/

Knowledge portal

As part of Machining 4.0 UCD has developed a Knowledge Portal that will provide dedicated information and practical examples on emerging technologies and their applicability for machining. Machining SMEs will be able to subscribe to get free access to the portal and create customized user-profiles to get tailored information within their fields of interest. 

Application – What application is UCD developing?

UCD will be involved in developing an application on Smart Assembly of Precision Machined Parts that will use advanced process modelling and simulation tools for accelerating the generation of assembly/disassembly sequences and converting these to human-robot process plans. Big Data analytics will also be used to conduct realtime and remote data monitoring and analysis. UCD will be involved in co-developing several other application including Intelligent Production Planning with IMR, Mobile Robot Platform for Transport of Components between Machines with Sirris and Digititization of Machining Production Systems with STODT.