CETIM - Technical Centre for mechanical industries

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Cetim, the French mechanical expertise center in the field of mechanics, was created in 1965. It is a Carnot-labelled technological institute and a founding member of the Alliance Industrie du Futur (Industry of the Future Alliance). Cetim is an R&D tool for almost 6,500 mechanical companies; it employs 700 people, more than 2/3 of which are engineers and technicians, and features a turnover of € 113 million. Cetim has direct access to the French machining SMEs.

With 8000 customers in more than 30 countries, Cetim has become a world leading player, providing customers with independent expert advice and support through:

  • innovation projects (from R&D to solution industrialization)
  • design and redesign of products and processes
  • testing (standardized and customized tests to qualify and characterize materials and components)
  • consultancy (advice, failure analysis)
  • training

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