Technology Sheets

Turning in hard steels with PCBN cutting material.

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Hard turning with PCBN cutting material is defined as the process of single point cutting of part pieces that have hardness values over 45HRC. CBN is mainly used to turn parts in the region of 58-68HRC.

What is PCBN?

Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) is a man-made product and found nowhere in any form in nature. Its unique properties of high hardness (only diamond is harder), its ability to keep its hardness at elevated temperatures makes PCBN an ideal cutting material for machining hard and abrasive ferrous materials.

Turning Spinning Tool technology.

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Technology sheet: Turning Spinning Tool technology


The first spinning-tool technology was developed jointly by Mori Seiki and Kennametal around 2008.
Designed to distribute heat and wear more effectively than a single-point lathe tool, the new turning spinning-tool technology can increase productivity by up to 500% and tool life by up to 2,000%. This cutting technology employs a specialized insert similar in design to a round, or full-radius insert mounted at the bottom of a cylindrical tool shank held in a rotary spindle.

Why we can machine graphite with Diamond tools.

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Technology sheet: Why we can machine graphite with Diamond tools.


Graphite has specific properties that make machining a challenge. It’s strong, but also brittle, and is susceptible to chipping if not handled properly. Cutting Graphite (or carbon) is different from cutting Metals. Metal exerts plastic deformation when a tool edge cuts it producing a curl or chips. When graphite is machined small powder-like particles separate from the work piece as a result of brittle fracture caused by the stress produced by the cutting tool edge.

Carbide inserts Wear Failure modes.

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Technology sheet: Carbide inserts Wear Failure modes.


Tool wear describes the gradual failure of cutting tools due to regular operation. It is a term often associated with tools used for example on turning, milling, drilling and other types of machining operations where chips are made. We could also say “We started with a new cutting edge and at the beginning of the operation everything was working well. After a certain amount of time things started to change.


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Technology Sheet: POLCA


POLCA stands for Paired-cell Overlap Loops of Cards with Authorization. POLCA is a production steering and control system for high mix/low volume and custom made products environments aimed at keeping the lead time at the shop floor short.